When you order a new cloud website hosting account, it needs a bit of time for the payment to be processed, your account to be set up and activated. As sophisticated as the process is, a human factor is constantly involved - your payment may be reviewed manually or the account could need some technological time to be set up by a live individual. This is usually the case with resellers and it's really common to wait for hours, perhaps even for several days. Instead of handling your websites, you waste time waiting for someone to process your order. Sometimes, companies even wait for a number of orders to pile up in their system queue before they process them in mass, while you are able to do nothing else but wait for them.

Instant Account Activation in Cloud Website Hosting

If you want to get a cloud website hosting plan from us, you will never have to wait for hours and hours in order to start using the account. As a matter of fact, you simply will not need to wait for more than a few minutes for your transaction to be processed and the account to become completely active. We understand how dynamic the online world is, so we are not going to waste your energy with a long creation process. As soon as you place the payment, our system will send you the Welcome email along with the login information you need and you may then sign in to create or upload your site files. If you want any of our free script applications to be set up in your account throughout its creation, you'll get the login details for its back office too and the installation will not delay the setup and activation of your account in any way.