If you’re a site owner, a problem might always crop up and it doesn’t necessarily have to be associated with the hosting service. For example, something may go wrong when you bring a web-based app up to date or some important content might be modified or erased by chance. Regardless of what the nature of the problem may be, you’ll need to contact the respective customer service staff and request them to recover a backup or to help you resolve the problem that you are having. How quickly they will do that will predetermine the amount of time that your websites will be offline. For specific websites such as community sites or e-stores, a recurrent unreachability can too often mean lost clients and money. With this in mind, it’s of paramount importance that you use the services of a hosting company that provides not only a very good client care service, but also a well-timed one.

One-Hour Response Guarantee in Cloud Website Hosting

Our guaranteed maximum reaction time for any trouble ticket that you open or any e-mail that you send is just 1 hour, even in case you contact us during weekends and public holidays. Whatever the nature of your query or problem may be, we’ll lend a hand instantly and will provide you with the required info to sort out any problem with your sites. The actual reply time usually doesn’t exceed fifteen-twenty minutes, which is why you can just forget about waiting for hours on end to get a problem fixed or what’s even worse than that – waiting all day only to get a response that more information is necessary whilst nothing’s resolved. We’ll assist you without any delay since we are aware of just how valuable time can be in the dynamic Internet age. The 1-hour response time guarantee applies to any technical or billing question that you might have in regard to our Linux cloud website hosting packages.