Sender Policy Framework, or SPF, is a verification system, that is designed to stop the so-called email spoofing where an email message can be sent from one e-mail, but to look as being sent from another, typically with the idea to fraud the recipient someway. If SPF protection is enabled for a domain name, a specific record is generated for it in the Domain Name System and all DNS servers worldwide get it. The record contains all email servers that are permitted to send authentic messages from an address within the domain. When a message is sent, the very first DNS server it encounters verifies the SPF record and when the sending server is permitted, the message is sent to the targeted destination. If, however, the sending server is not contained in the SPF record for the specified domain, the e-mail message won't be submitted and it will be removed. When you use this solution, it will prevent third parties from sending spam emails which appear to have been sent by you.

SPF Protection in Cloud Website Hosting

The SPF protection function is provided as standard with each cloud website hosting package that we supply and you'll be able to use it without difficulty to protect the e-mails for any domain name hosted as part of your account. The service is managed through the Emails section of our advanced, and easy to work with Hepsia Control Panel. All you need to enable the protection is to type the IP of the e-mail server in addition to its hostname -, for instance. As soon as the protection is active, only this server will be able to send out e-mails from e-mails generated under the domain that you've picked. Your e-mail addresses may be handled by a different supplier, but in case that we take care of them in addition to your web site, you can activate the option for your e-mail messages to be sent only when the domain has our MX records. This option provides you with improved security as just our server will be approved to send email messages from your mailboxes and you'll have better control. If you have any questions or if you have any kind of issues with this particular service, you can contact our tech support team anytime and they will help you without delay.