A safe web app firewall software

All our cloud website hosting packages feature ModSecurity automatically. ModSecurity is a compact–size Apache module that does a wonderful job – it acts as a web application firewall program, efficiently guarding your website against hack assaults. What is even more everything takes place automatically, without you needing to configure or set up anything. Your web sites will become shielded the moment you choose to host them with us.

Data Backups

Have you ever lost your site content? Turn to our backup solution

When published on the net, your site content is normally prone to hack assaults. It could be affected even by your very own unintentional actions. If you turn to us, there is nothing to worry about, because we always maintain a backup of your website content, which can retrieved whenever you want. Also, you’ll be able to make manual backups of your entire web site with one click of the mouse at the File Manager, which is incorporated into the Site Control Panel. The system will successfully restore all web site files and will store them in an archive file, which will be saved in your account.

Solid–State Drives

Your site will be much faster with solid–state disks

All new desktop computers and laptop computers come with solid–state disks and this is so for a reason. Solid–state drives offer much faster read/write speeds, making everything noticeably faster. Exactly the same will apply to your web site in case you host it with NTAhost – all the cloud website hosting machines feature solid–state disks and all the web sites hosted with us load considerably faster than those hosted on standard hard drives.

And the best part is that you don’t need to change, fine–tune or modify anything whatsoever to make it work faster.

Web Hosting Control Panel

Control your web sites with just a single click

It’s now easy to take absolute control of all your websites with the advanced Site Control Panel that we have designed for you with ease of use in mind. Handle all the web site files with smooth drag & drop movements, register, transfer and control numerous domain names from one location, create e–mailboxes in a flash, manage mailing list campaigns with ease, create & access your own databases with a single click of the mouse, check website statistics in real time, etc.. Advanced features such as an .htaccess generator, a framework installer and a hotlink protection tool are included too.

Web Accelerators

Make your sites blazing–fast

With NTAhost, you do not need to erase program code or to curtail your site’s content to make it open faster. By reason of the Site Accelerator Applications (Node.js, Memcached and Varnish) located in the Site Control Panel coming with every pack, you’ll be able to make your website open faster than ever – you can make it 10 up to 500 times faster!

30–Day Money–Back Guarantee

Receive a refund if you’re not pleased

Our cloud website hosting packages are backed up by a thirty–day–period money–back guarantee. Therefore, in case, for whatever reason, you aren’t completely happy with the quality of the delivered services, you can touch base with our sales staff representatives to request your money back. You can e–mail us, submit a ticket, ring us up or use live chat.

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